Visual Distraction

Sustainable brand delivering revamped vintage and handmade pieces to your doorstep

Timeless fashion, never disposable.

Step inside the world of originality and one of a kind garments. Here at Visual Distraction we strive to bring you flawless fits that fulfill a taste of forever love. Timeless fashion, never disposable, giving you confidence to step outside the norm.

Be a walking Visual Distraction

Finding your perfect fit

Custom orders are a great solution to gain the item that you are looking for. By working with your body; measurements; and colour preferences, we can achieve a perfect fit allowing you freedom of choice in what you wear.

 Send in or drop off your own garments to be upcycled, casting a breath of fresh air on your favourite pieces to continue their longevity. There’s also a small discount when you supply your own garments to be used.

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