Visual Distraction

Sustainable brand delivering revamped vintage and handmade pieces to your doorstep

Timeless fashion, never disposable.

Step inside the world of originality and one of the kind garments. Here at Visual Distraction we strive to bring you flawless fits that fulfill a taste of forever love. Timeless fashion, never disposable, giving you confidence to step outside the norm.

Be a walking Visual Distraction

Finding your perfect fit

Creating garments outside of gender, the made-to-order pieces (Available March 26th) focus on the ability to fit a range of body types and parts. 

Custom orders are also a perfect solution to gain the item that you are looking for, working with your body to achieve a tailored fit so that you have a choice in what you wear.

Additionally, send in your own garments to be upcycled, granting a breath of fresh air on your favourite pieces to continue their longevity. 

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